15 Free Christmas iPad Wallpapers

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Christmas is almost here and everyone will be celebrating this great event. Everyone will be busy decorating things to match Christmas theme. Therefore we thought we should give out some awesome free Christmas iPad Wallpapers to our users so they can decorate their iPad 2 screens. These Wallpapers are designed keeping in mind the theme of Christmas season. Check them out below and enjoy..


1- Christmas snowman

Christmas snowman iPad Wallpaper

2- Christmas tree bulbs iPad Wallpaper

Christmas tree bulbs iPad Wallpaper

3- SnowMan WallPaper

SnowMan IP WallPaper

4- The Traveling Christmas Tree

The Traveling Christmas Tree

5- Circle Faces

Circle Faces iPad Wallpaper

6- Christmas Snowy Forest

Christmas Snowy Forest iPad Wallpaper

7- Christmas Sheep iPad Wallpaper

Christmas Sheep iPad Wallpaper

8- Holiday iPad Wallpaper

Christmas Holiday iPad Wallpaper

9- Christmas Beetle iPad Wallpaper

Christmas Beetle iPad Wallpaper

10- Who Stole the Moon iPad Wallpaper

Stole the Moon iPad Wallpaper

11- Christmas Volcano iPad Wallpaper

Christmas Volcano iPad Wallpaper

12- Christmas Lights

Christmas Lights iPad Wallpapers

13- Santa Claus

Santa Claus Christmas iPad Wallpapers

14- Jingle Bells

Jingle Bells Christmas iPad Wallpapers

15- Cheshire Kitten

Cheshire Kitten iPad Wallpaper

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